“Basilian I” bookshelf for Compagnia delle Filippine
The Basilian 1 was a series of furnishing designed by Italian architects Tobia Scarpa and Afra Bianchin in 1974 and issued y B&B from 1975, that in order to support its production created the division Compagnia delle Filippine. We quote from the book by Masiero and Maguolo: "The rattan panels that form the structure in this series were made in fifteen different sizes with which to produce all the typologies offered. The modular design made it possible to extend the use of some elements to a range of different models. Toghether with the panels, table tops and shelves for cabinets were also produced, enriched by plating attached with copper tacks for a ivid decorative effects. The decision to limit the construction of the furnishings to a few easily assembled modular parts came from the choice of considering economical shipping and therefore limited bulk as decisive factors in the project. This is why the parts were completely finished in the Philippines, and only the final assembly was done in the Italian plant of B&B."
This bookshelf remains in very good conditions with patina and small wear. Shelves have beeen refinished.
From the same series, we have available two coffee tables.

PRICE: 2200 €

Italy, 1975. Preowned.
Out of production.

Rattan, copper, copper nails, wood

Conditions: 4/5
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Dimensions (H x W x D):
170 x 73 x 33 cm / 66,9 x 28,7 x 13 in

- R. Masiero, M. Maguolo "Afra e Tobia Scarpa architetti/architects 1959 – 1999, Tobia Scarpa architetto/architect 2000 - 2009", Electa, 2009
- G. Gramigna, "Repertorio del design italiano per l'arredamento domestico. 1950-2000", Allemandi, 2003

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