“Contenitori per desideri” money boxes model Cu, Es, Pi for Ceramiche Pozzi

Italy, 1966-1967
Three ceramic moneyboxes with geometrical decorative shapes, model Cu, Es, Pi.
They are called "Contenitori per desideri", Italian for "containers for wishes". Inspired by a buddhist ceremony, they are meant to safeguard secret wishes, waiting for them to come true. There is no way to pull out what was inserted without breaking the piece.

Glazed stoneware, very good vintage conditions.
Although these pieces are stock found and have never been used, one has a small chip on the edge. One contains a coin.

Dimension (H x D):
13,5 x 12 x 10,5; 11 x 11 x 11; 13 x 12 cm
5,3 x 4,7 x 4,1; 4,3 x 4,3 x 4,3; 5,1 x 4,7 in

- F. Gualdoni, "Ambrogio Pozzi, storie di forme 1950 - 2000", Electa 2000