“Scagnet” black locust stool for Fuocovoodoo
This piece is part of the “Calligraphy” series by Antonio Manara, an interior architect based in Milan, self-produced under the edition “Fuocovodoo”, and represented exclusively by 1+1 as part of its contemporary research project.
 These wooden furniture pieces are the result of a long and patient work, carried out with traditional instruments and techniques, starting from the choice of a fallen treen in the woods of Val Grande or Val Mastallone, and finishing, weeks later, in Antonio’s small laboratory in the Bovisa neighborhood, in Milan. Each piece is impossible to reproduce and therefore unique.
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PRICE: 1000 €
Rent (only in Milan): 200 € / 48 h

Italy, 2022. New.

Solid black locust, black varnish.
Engraved fire marking. Sold with a certificate of authenticity by the author.

Conditions: 5/5

Dimensions (H x W x seat D x legs D):
38 x 66 x 17 x 28 cm / 15 x 26 x 6,7 x 11 in