Set of 6 mod. S 2 “Campanino” chairs for Azucena
Colombo Sanguineti

Italy, 1950s.
Designed by Colombo Sanguineti, manufactured by Sedie Sanguineti, retailed by Azucena as model S 2.

Stained wood, "Chiavarina" woven cane seating.
 Engraved mark on one back rest.
Very good restored conditions. See condition report below by clicking on "info".

Dimensions (total H x seating H x W x D):
84 x 44 x 41 x 45 / 33,1 x 17,3 x 16,1 x 17,7 in

 Azucena 1960s catalogue

Provenance: villa in Capiago Intimiano, project by Ico Parisi.


Condition report: the wooden structure of all chairs has been professionally restored, with new glue applied to the joints, old bumps being fixed, etc. Wood has been refinished. The "Chiavarina" woven cane seats are original and in very good vintage condition, a couple of seats have been newly woven by the forme owners some years ago. The chairs can be used as they are and need no further restorations.