Il salotto cattivo

Curated by
1+1 design gallery and Libri Belli

in collaboration with
Archivio Alfa Castaldi

@ riviera – creative space
via Gorani 4, Milan

13th February
from 6.30 to 9 pm

exhibition on display
from February 13th to 21st

click for full press release in Italian

“Il salotto cattivo” is an iconographic and visual investigation originating from the collaboration between 1+1 design gallery, founded by Andrea Scarabelli, and Libri Belli, a project by Livia Satriano. The exhibition is held at riviera, simple flair’s space in Milan in partnership with Lapalma.

“Il salotto cattivo” is a play on words, reimagining the “salotto buono” — the Italian term for parlor — as  “salotto cattivo:” a “nasty” parlor.

The exhibition focuses on the era of Italy’s economic boom, from the postwar period to the mid-sixties, conjuring the ferment that sparked creativity in both the cultural and manufacturing fields, especially in Milan; a creative ferment that today is often remembered in a sterilized fashion, overlooking its most radical and innovative aspects. 

The concept of “parlor” is key to this approach, considered in each of its three meanings: as a furnished room of conviviality; as a natural space for books; as a gathering for ideas. 

The set-up displays furniture and books and also, thanks to the collaboration with the Archive, the photographs by Alfa Castaldi, an artist that with his work has recorded the socio-economic transformation in Milan and more. 

riviera, a creative space opened by simple flair less than a year ago, has already become a gathering spot for different creative realities, and therefore is a fitting location for this project.