Tall vase for Laboratorio Pesaro
Nanni Valentini & Franco Bucci

Italy 1960s.
Designed by Nanni Valentini, manufactured by Franco Bucci.
This piece belongs to the early production, when Bucci and Valentini still worked toghether.
It was manufactured in various sizes, this is the big one.

Glazed polychrome ceramics. Excellent vintage conditions.

Dimensions (H x D):
25 x 14 cm / 9,8 x 5,5 in

"Novecento. Ceramiche italiane, protagonisti e opere del XX secolo. Vol. 2", Emanuele Gaudenzi, Gruppo editoriale Faenza


Franco Bucci (1933 - 2002) started his career specializing in enameled metal objects. In the late 1950s, he started crafting ceramics, working with Federigo Fabbrini for Virreoy & Boch. In the 1960s, he won a silver medal at the Triennale. In 1961, he started working with Nanni Valentini, the manufacturer of Laboratorio Pesaro, where he worked throughout his life. He was acknowledged as one of the most important Italian ceramic artists and his works are displayed in many exhibitions. After his death, the MIC museum in Faenza, the most well-known ceramic art museum, dedicated an exhibition on the centennial of his birth.