“Kerguelen” coat hanger, shelf and umbrella stand for Danese Milano
This iconic piece by artist and designer Enzo Mari, was a big producing challange at the time it was conceived, in 1968. It is the first objects that brought Danese, the manufacturer, to produce furniture, as before it only produced smaller pieces. This totem can used in various ways, but the most obvious interpretations are as umbrella stand, coat hanger and valet tray. The concrete base makes the piece stable and works and as collects the dripping umbrella water as well.

PRICE: 800 €
Rent: € 120 / 48 h

Italy, designed in 1968. Specimen from the 1980s.
Preowned. This version is out of production.

Abs plastic, concrete. The 2014 reissue, currently available at Danese, is made in aluminum.

Conditions: 4/5
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Dimensions (H x D):
147 x 25 cm / 57,9 x 9,8 in