“AC2” glass ashtray by Venini for Tecno
Exquisite ashtray by Italian design master and entrapreneur Osvaldo Borsani, designed for his own company Tecno in 1956, and manufacted by Venini. Known as model AC2 This series also included a pencil holder and a bronze ashtray. Its design plays with contrasts between the black core and the transparent body, that is influenced by the colors of the surface where it's placed.

PRICE: 400 €
Rent: € 50 / 48 h

Italy, designed in 1956. 1970s production.
Preowned. Out of production.

Murano glass.

Conditions: 4/5
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Dimensions (H x D):
4,5 x 15 cm / 1,8 x 5,9 in

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