Pair of T1 side tables for Tecno

This kind of side table, model T1, was designed by Osvaldo Borsani in 1949, but produced only in a few specimen due to techical difficulties. It was put in larger production by his company Tecno in the 1990s. Its design it's graphic and essential, distinguished by the sphere on the stem and the brigh colored glass top. The whole stem is made as a single mold of solid chrome-plated steel. This very two tables are new old stock, coming from a former Tecno employee.

Italy, designed in 1949, produced in the 1990s. New old stock.
Provenance: private collection of a former Tecno employee.

Chrome-plated steel, colored glass

Conditions: 5/5

Dimensions (H x D):
45 x 26 cm / 17,7 x 10,2 in

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