Postmodern Large ceramic cachepot 1980s
This striking 1980s cache-pot was crafted by Italian artist Pino Castagna in his own workshop. Large in size, with a powerful abstract decor with vivid and bright oxide enamels. Signed and labeled, remains in very good conditions.
Pino Castagna, a sculptor and a versatile designer who also worked with glass, bronze, cast iron, steel and cement, in his ceramic production has devoted himself above all to colour experimentation in decoration, abstract but with strong natural references, often in very intense tones. Throughout the course of his career, Castagna continued to devote himself to the production of everyday ceramic objects, such as plates, vases and jugs, but also to small one-off sculptural vases.

PRICE: 500 €
Rent: 90 € / 48 h

Italy, 1980s. Preowned. Out of production.

Enameled ceramics. Signed and labeled.

Conditions: 4/5

Dimensions (H x W x D):
14 x 32,5 cm / 5,5 x 12,8 in

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