Lookbook @Lorenzo Capelli
DIS/PLAY at Milano City Life by Lorenzo Capelli
Fall/winter 2021/2022
Indoor and outdoor. A classic juxtaposition, that had gained a new weight in light of all that had happened during 2020 and 2021.
To anticipate 1+1 coming stock, we had decided to display some of our new pieces out of place. Indoor furniture, suddenly finds itself standing out in the open.

We had chosen a part of Milan that we happened to cross very often in the last few months - the new City Life neighborhood, famous for its skyscrapers, but also very controversial as a possible model for the future development of the city.

In a sunny late autumn afternoon, with a playful attitude and an attentive eye, we looked for unusual, spontaneous displays. We found them in parking bollards; in the luxurious vegetation carefully designed by landscape architects; in the smooths surfaces of buildings embodying a city that is growing without a clear direction; and more.